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UM6P Vision 2030: A collective journey towards excellence

Introducing UM6P

At University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), we dedicate our efforts to becoming a leading institution of higher education, research, and innovation nationally and transnationally. As an institution engaged in the sustainable development of the continent, UM6P combines theoretical knowledge with practical application to prepare apprentices to address critical challenges.

We cover a wide range of disciplines, from Science & Technology to Health, Humanities, and Business & Management, to equip our community with the perfect tools to contribute positively to the development of our society. UM6P’s approach is both Moroccan and African, designed to make our continent great again by taking advantage of opportunities to achieve socioeconomic growth.

The Importance of Vision 2030

In an ever-evolving world, having a crystal-clear, forward-thinking vision is imperative. Vision 2030 is UM6P’s roadmap guiding our activities to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission over the upcoming decade. This vision seeks to harness the collective intelligence of the UM6P community to develop a dynamic, flexible strategy. Vision 2030 ensures that we stay aligned with the aspirations of our students, faculty, and stakeholders, fostering innovation and driving educational and societal impacts in Morocco and Africa.

The STORY OF US: From vision to reality

Phase 1: Crafting the vision

In fall 2022, we were aware that we need to start a new adventure. To make sure that all ideas and voices were heard and considered, we conducted more than 150 interviews, debates, and workshops, with over 500 participants from more than 20 departments and more than 1,000 contribution proposals. These collaborative efforts were, and still are, the foundation for our collective vision.

Phase 2: Building the STORY OF US

To highlight our common identity and inspire our community, we launched a series of engaging activities. One of these was a life-sized puzzle game, featuring Vision 2030 and using interactive activities and inspirational quotes displayed across the Benguerir campus. This event intrigued our students and encouraged their participation alongside faculty members, setting the tone for an inclusive and engaging process.


The Puzzle 2030 game aimed to promote our core values and encourage community engagement. The results were meaningful, with over 800 participants sharing their ideas and reflections on the future of our university. In fact, the game highlighted the variety of perspectives within our community.

Phase 3: Crowd Wisdom Day

In May 2023, we organized our first Crowd Wisdom Day, where UM6P’s community gathered to discuss and shape our vision. Participants helped us put in place more than 700 new ideas and 3,000 ratings and arguments. This event unpacked the power of collective intelligence and outlined the next steps of our journey.

UM6P Vision 2030

Phase 4: Solutions workshops


During Crowd Wisdom Day, we also organized various solution-oriented workshops. These workshops offered opportunities for our participants to propose efficient solutions to overcome the obstacles identified earlier.

Creativity and collaboration were encouraged during each workshop, which helped us find solutions in line with our core values and strategic objectives. To achieve this, over 20 workshops addressed specific topics and led to the development of practical strategies between professionals and stakeholders.

Our core values and ambitions

Three core values emerged from our discussions: a spirit of audacity and ambition, a focus on impacting Morocco and Africa, and a community based on diversity. These values constitute the foundation of our vision and guide our actions.

Our ambitions for 2030 are structured around three key pathways:

  1. Research: We aim to produce research that helps advance knowledge and address pressing societal challenges. We endeavor to achieve international recognition, secure funding for impactful projects, and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. Last year, we initiated over 100 new research projects and published more than 200 works in indexed journals.
  2. Teaching and Student Life: Our goal is to create a supportive learning environment that prepares our students for the future by enhancing educational quality, prioritizing student satisfaction, and ensuring successful employment outcomes. We introduced new programs and improved existing ones, drawing more attention to experiential learning and industry partnerships.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: We are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and supporting initiatives that generate social impacts by driving innovation, conceiving sustainable solutions, and positively influencing policymakers and communities. Last year, we financially supported over 50 startups and entrepreneurs.

Phase 5: Continuing the learning loop

Vision 2030 is not a static plan but a continuous learning process. Each year, we rethink our objectives, adjust our strategies, and keep growing. Our adaptive approach ensures that we stay dynamic and responsive to change.

Learning loop um6p vision 2030

The learning loop process involves:

  • Reviewing achievements and challenges: At the end of each year, we conduct a comprehensive review of our progress to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Gathering insights and feedback: We engage with our community through surveys, interviews, and discussions to gather valuable insights and feedback.
  • Refining strategies and plans: Based on the received feedback, we readjust our strategies and develop updated action plans.
  • Implementing changes and innovations: We implement the changes and innovations to ensure that our actions correspond to our vision and core values.

This approach ensures continuous improvement and adaptation, allowing us to stay ahead of new trends and challenges.

Reflections on the 2nd Crowd Wisdom Day

On the second Crowd Wisdom Day, we collected insights and developed strategies. This event focused on the foundations and what was achieved during our first year, allowing us to explore new dimensions of our vision. Participants presented over 700 ideas and 3,000 arguments and ratings, enriching our collective vision.


Year 1 key findings report:

The Year 1 report shows our advancements and the obstacles we overcame. Key results include:

Research: Focus on interdisciplinary projects, international recognition, and impactful publications.

  • Over 100 new research projects have been launched.
  • More than 200 papers have been published in indexed journals.

Education and Student Life: Enhancing educational quality, securing employment outcomes, and improving campus life.

  • Introduction of new programs and improvement of existing ones.
  • Emphasis on experiential learning and industry partnerships.

Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: Promoting sustainability, creating entrepreneurship ecosystems, and positively influencing policymakers.

  • Supporting more than 50 startups and social enterprises.
  • Development of sustainable solutions and impactful initiatives.

Join our journey:

As we aim for excellence and innovation, your insights and contributions are precious. Join us in this transformative journey and help us shape a brighter future for UM6P, beyond degrees.

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