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U-Founders hosts a virtual demo day for its second cohort.

On Wednesday, September 22, the U-Founders incubation program team unveiled to the public the startups that participated in its second cohort.

Some thirty startups from various backgrounds and spread across the entire country were supported during this second batch of the program. Consistent with its growth ambition, the U-Founders incubator plans to host even more startups in future cohorts.

The entrepreneurs who participated in this second cohort took part in a dozen training workshops and several mentoring sessions that helped them accelerate the development of their innovations. Thanks to the program's multiple connections, some were able to be put in direct contact with potential clients.

Below is the list of the 14 startups that were invited to pitch their solutions during the Demo Day:


BLUEDOVE is a start-up specialised in the acquisition and secure storage of local data. The No Waiting System, one of its flagship solutions, relies on the acquisition of human and object flow data using deep learning robots and offers satellite-based services for assistance, access control and flow management.


Brainy is a startup developing an artificial intelligence-based SaaS that offers a unique and adaptive learning method that quickly identifies the student’s learning gaps and recommends the most effective learning plan to fill them.


Claycerapy valorises phosphate by-products by transforming them into traditional ceramics and therapeutic products. The start-up puts sustainable development and the preservation of the national heritage relating to Zellige at the heart of its mission.


CyberLeet provides water distribution companies with smart IoT water meters that are connected to a software through which they can read real-time consumption data remotely.


Daba’Go is a mobile application that adresses transportation issues in large African cities by optimising investments and providing access to mobility for all.


Entomonutris is a start-up that commercialises a new source of protein and biofertiliser derived from insect breeding for the animal feed, agriculture and aquaculture industries.


GreenAds is a startup that allows companies to promote themselves by means of biodegradable bags.


Gulfstream technology is a start-up specialising in the field of drone surveying, providing its clients with a fleet of drones and a team specialising in 3D topographic reconnaissance.


ITOM is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to extract data from accounting documents such as invoices, bank statements and expense reports and provides a simple and intuitive interface for accountants and their clients to digitise their exchanges.


MIND is a start-up specialising in the extraction and preparation of natural minerals for the industrial sector.


Pangolin Pavgreen is a start-up whose mission is to fight air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing a new floor covering that turns all urban structures into a filter for harmful particles.


SCORPTEC manufactures smart torch-lamps that prevent scorpion stings. The lamp changes its color in the presence of a scorpion and produces a repellent that keeps it away. is a digital platform offering a wide range of training, experiences and events from its experts and event organisers.


Wasta is a mobile English language learning platform that reframes learning as a social activity to sustain motivation and improve user proficiency. The platform is designed and directed by expert teacher insights, pedagogical practices and instructional design methodologies focused on establishing human connections virtually and in person