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UM6P, OCP Group and Anhalt University to kick-off collaboration

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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, OCP Group (Morocco) and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) will be joining their efforts around a research project on the selection of efficient rhizobacterial consortia for legume biofertilization under stressing conditions in African agrosystems.

During the three years of the project, a joint team of researchers from Morocco and Germany will cooperate to study structures of soil microbiotics and their impact on field bean and wheat yields. 

The kick-off of this research project comes in the continuity of a cooperation agreement signed in 2018 between OCP Group, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences following a visit paid by Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO of OCP Group to the German university. 

This project will be an opportunity to initiate international cooperation that allows the partner teams to federate their complementary research know-how and infrastructure to reach extraordinary achievements. The scientific results of this project will contribute to a deep understanding of the physiological and molecular mechanisms implemented by plants and rhizobacteria to tolerate abiotic constraints and determine the reliable traits for further selection of plant genotypes for their tolerance. 

In addition, the analysis of intercropping system let understand the principles of the facilitation effect of some particular plant species such as legumes toward other associated crops. The results of molecular analysis of rhizobacterial communities and their functioning diversity will explain how abiotic stresses, crops species and farming system modulate this diversity. Thus, the project will contribute to international progress of fundamental and applied research. 

Anhalt University will bring its technological know-how in research in molecular biology and bioinformatics. By practicing at Anhalt University, future farmers are optimally prepared to solve the challenges of scientific, economic and ecological requirements in an interdisciplinary mode. 

The German university has been putting for decades Agriculture in the heart of its academic programs and has been empowering graduates in agriculture and agricultural management with professional, methodological and social skills. 

This project will be the first effective collaboration between UM6P, OCP Group and Anhalt University in this framework agreement.

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