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UM6P launches the UM6P School of Computer Science (UM6P-CS)

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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University launches the UM6P School of Computer Science (UM6P-CS)




Mohammed VI Polytechnic University launches the UM6P School of Computer Science (UM6P-CS), housed in the most powerful African Datacenter, emphasizing the key role of digital technology in the development of Morocco and Africa.


The UM6P-CS offers, starting from next autumn, an engineering training course specializing in Computer Science. Both theoretical and practical, this course starts with two selective years of integrated preparatory courses, oriented towards Computer Science, followed by a three-year engineering cycle that allows students to specialize in various fields of computing including artificial intelligence, data sciences, cyber security, digital finance and networking.


The UM6P-CS faculty team includes renowned professors and benefits from numerous partnerships with the world's top engineering schools and universities. Beyond the fundamentals provided by a high-calibre faculty, UM6P-CS is a privileged place with unique facilities dedicated for the benefit of its students. UM6P-CS is housed in the heart of the campus of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, which offers a unique experimental ecosystem. Focused on innovation, research and practice, learning is also based on experimentation through the data center's supercomputer, practical laboratories, such as the "Fablabs" and "Living Labs" in which students learn in the field and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.


This academic offer complements UM6P's polytechnic and multidisciplinary curriculum in addressing the digital needs of the 21st century at source and anchoring Morocco as a future digital nation.


GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) and BATX (their Chinese counterparts) are the biggest companies in the world and their power exceeds many states.


Computing connects to other careers. 100% of current jobs will be transformed by the digital technology. 50% of them will disappear in favor of new ones. 50% of these jobs will be directly linked to digital technology. The mean Applications of computer science include: Healthcare (telemedicine), education (e-learning), transport (autonomous vehicles), defense (cyber security), environment (meteorology), agriculture (smart farming), music, businesses, gaming, banking…


UM6P-CS will train future engineers who will be able to join the largest companies, create their own startups or conduct high-level research. There is no need for Moroccan students to go abroad to study computer science, nor to go through the generalist system of preparatory classes.


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