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UM6P and OCP Foundation launch COOPLAB to support the growth of Cooperatives

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The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the OCP Foundation launch the "CoopLab"; an expertise and support laboratory for Moroccan cooperatives, which capitalizes on a combination of expertise from the University and the Foundation, as well as a set of innovative support levers undertaken in the service of social inclusion and sustainable growth.


CoopLab aims to be a mechanism for developing an inclusive and equitable economy and a catalyst for change. An important link intended to forge the cooperative system which is added to the multiple initiatives carried by the OCP Foundation and the UM6P, in their ambition to put education and innovation as levers to the skills development of the actors of the sector. Social and Solidarity Economy.


This laboratory of ideas and innovation will be hosted at the Benguerir Campus of the UM6P. It aims to set itself up as a model of social innovation at the service of cooperatives and has as its main missions to offer a training, sharing and support offer for the benefit of stakeholders, based on learning by doing "Learning by The Cooplab also aims to promote a culture of innovation and excellence through, in particular, the provision of expertise from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the UM6P, and to support cooperatives through a service professional with an inclusive and innovative approach.

In this particular context of health crisis, two pilot actions, mainly covering agricultural cooperatives, were initiated in sites of activities of the OCP Group, in collaboration with the teams of the Al Moutmir device. These cooperatives will also benefit from the contribution of groups of volunteers from the Act4Community initiative.


The first pilot action concerns Training and remote support for partner cooperatives during the confinement period on business continuity themes and digital transformation.


The second aims to give cooperatives access to e-commerce opportunities, through the imminent online launch - in collaboration with the 1337 School - of a marketplace for the sale and purchase of local products from beneficiary cooperatives of this program. An opportunity for them to market their products and generate income during this period, and to ensure a resumption of activity in a phase where habits and purchasing circuits will be strongly impacted by the effects of the global health crisis . The distribution of the products will be done through a short circuit through partners in different regions.


In addition, Cooplab continues to support the 8 female cooperatives selected as part of the call for projects launched by the Cooperation Development Office (ODCO) on March 8, through their technical reinforcement and the 'support for the development of their activities.


Note that the CoopLab is a spin off from the Social Innovation Lab (SIL), domiciled at the UM6P. This laboratory is an active area of ​​skills open to its local, regional and national ecosystem and aims to support populations and private or public organizations in the reflection and development of their social projects. Through the establishment of Cooplab, SIL's ambition is to respond effectively and sustainably to the needs of cooperatives in terms of support and development.


About the OCP Foundation


Recognized as a public utility, the OCP Foundation is an actor committed to sustainable human development in Morocco and internationally. It favors integrated and general interest initiatives that contribute to inclusive socio-economic progress, the development of skills and the dissemination of knowledge. The OCP Foundation adopts an agile action model, based on a collective intelligence approach and carrying social impact, in order to contribute to the promotion of a knowledge ecosystem endowed with the best levers of excellence, in particular to through support for education, research and innovation. It also implements projects that integrate the priorities of populations and areas of action according to a social innovation approach and ensures the strengthening of the action capacities of stakeholders to stimulate and perpetuate the creation of shared value.

 Beyond its own initiatives, the OCP Foundation is also proud to support and support the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, the Lycée d 'Excellence of Benguerir, as well as the MAScir Foundation.


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