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UM6P and CGEM are joining forces to promote R&D, Education and Entrepreneurship  

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CGEM and UM6P are joining forces to promote R&D, Education and Entrepreneurship  




Mr. Chakib ALJ and Mr. Hicham EL HABTI, respectively Presidents of the General Confederation of Moroccan Businesses (CGEM) and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), proceeded, today 1 st March 2021 in the CGEM headquarters, at the signature of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) that applies to research, industrial  development, entrepreneurship, to executive and initial Education  and to Entrepreneurs and High Potentials Moroccans of the World (MeM).

As part of the rapprochement between the world of research and Education and the national economic and industrial struscture, this MoU aims to promote Research and Development (R&D) and innovation within the Moroccan companies, through the establishment of an optimal framework to meet the needs of the private sector in this area.

"The relationship between business and the world of research and training has always been a priority for the CGEM. We are proud to seal this partnership with UM6P to promote the application of research to the industrial world and toentrepreneurship for an innovative and resilient economy," says the President of the CGEM.

"Today is only the beginning of a collaboration that we wish to inscribe on the long term, with concrete objectives to accompany the development of the applied research in Morocco and promote the competitiveness of companies", emphasizes the President of UM6P.

In the field of entrepreneurship, the two institutions will join their efforts to bring together the members of the CGEM and the UM6P startup ecosystem and launch

jointly specific programs adapted to the needs of entrepreneur Moroccans.

In addition, CGEM and UM6P will work together to identify the needs of the private sector in executive education and propose to the different profiles of executives

of companies privileged access to programs available or to be developed at the map.


On another level, the Confederation and UM6P will work to promote the exchange of information between Moroccan teachers and researchers from around the world and those of UM6P, notably through the mentoring platform "Mentor to Mentor" of MeM by CGEM, a region dedicated to Moroccan Entrepreneurs and High Potentials of the World.

Actions will also be carried out to promote networking between MeMs and the UM6P community.



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