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U-Founders Incubation Program organises a virtual Demo Day for its first cohort

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U-Founders Incubation Program organises a virtual Demo Day for its first cohort





The Demo Day of the first cohort of the U-Founders Incubation program was held on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. This virtual event allowed the program’s ten start-ups to present their solutions to the public.

U-Founders was launched in July 2020 by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University with 3 key objectives: to contribute to the emergence of innovative technological Moroccan and African start-ups, to promote the research work carried out within the university and to disseminate the entrepreneurial spirit on its campus.

Throughout these 6 months of support, the entrepreneurs of the program were able to attend around twelve training workshops on various themes related to entrepreneurship and innovation. They were also accompanied by a number of mentors from Morocco and the Moroccan diaspora living abroad.

The entrepreneurs of the U-Founders program come from a diverse set of academic and professional backgrounds and operate in fields such as agriculture, environment, mining, engineering, health and e-commerce. They are all committed to using technology to solve the problems African societies are facing.

Below is the list of the 10 start-ups that participated to this Demo Day, as well as their elevator pitches.




  • AgriSafe Technologies is a startup that develops bespoke and safe biological solutions for sustainable crop protection that help farmers protect their crops while minimizing the use of expensive pesticides.
  • Biokmir is developing platform DNA technologies and a point-of-care diagnostic tool to make infectious disease testing unequivocally more efficient.
  • Phostone produces tile materials from rocks extracted from phosphate mines with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of phosphate mining activities.




  • Aerodrive Engineering Services is a startup specializing in the acquisition, processing and analysis of data collected by drones.
  • ECOLEET is developing a digital waste management solution for households, hotels, cafes, administrations and universities.
  • EMMYOR connects smallholder farmers to national and international customers, ensures product traceability, and provides an innovative supply chain model, from collection to production and delivery.
  • DOCHOME is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with doctors and provides them with adequate medical advice. The platform also facilitates the self-diagnosis and the monitoring of critical or suspected cases of Covid-19.
  • JIBLY:
  • Jibly is a web and mobile platform where users can order homemade meals, prepared by housewives who are passionate about cooking.
  • NewAfricNov develops a decontamination equipment based on ultraviolet rays for objects that cannot be disinfected using chemical products.
  • SOANS:
  • Soans is a startup developing an eco-friendly robototic lawn mower that saves time, reduces costs and improves the quality of lawn mowing.


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