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The Summer Camp of “AWITAI” took place at UM6P Campus in Rabat



We are pleased to announce the launch of the African Women in Tech & AI Program – AWITAI, a transformative initiative aimed at empowering African women to lead the way in technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence.


Through strategic collaborations between OCP Foundation and Ai Movement at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, the program seeks to provide women with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to drive positive change in their communities. African Women in Tech & AI Program is excited to embark on the current phase: the Summer Camp, which kicked off on August 22nd and is scheduled to run until September 3rd at UM6P campus in Rabat, this intensive training phase has officially commenced.


The camp will focus on Women's Leadership, Prospective applied to AI, Benchmarking, market research, and AI project management, delivering a comprehensive learning experience. Through engaging case studies and interactive workshops, participants will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills and develop project proposals, culminating in a pitch to a jury of esteemed experts.


The most promising projects that emerge from this endeavor will have the opportunity to receive funding for implementation. This financial support will enable the participants to not only refine their AI-driven solutions but also to make a tangible and lasting impact in their respective fields.