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Signature for the UM6P COY16 Youth Statement

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is a United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth 16 Partner in acting towards Climate Action.

In this regard, youth representatives of UM6P and the local region of Rhamna have gathered as the COY 16 Youth Consultative Committee in 3 sessions to debate and discuss the emerging issues and youth commitments related to climate change, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, eco-mobility, social inclusion, and gender equality in order to write the COY16 Youth Statement of UM6P. in this sense, we need to collect at least 2500 signatures to be nominated as “Climate Hero”.

We need your signature to make sure your voice is heard and your demands are taken into consideration.

Are you a young Moroccan? or young international resident living in Morocco? Are you under the age of 35?

if yes, Kindly sign this Youth statement to collectively act towards climate action in Morocco HERE

Take a look at the full COY16 Youth Statement of UM6P here 



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