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14:00-16:00 (Rome: UTC+2)

Science & Innovation for African Agriculture Advanced climate, plant, water, and soil research & innovation for sustainable intensification of African agriculture



Sustainable intensification of agricultural production in Africa requires advanced, demand-

driven and resource-saving agricultural innovations and policies to improve food security,

climate resilience, and people’s livelihood. State of the art research at UM6P and its partner

institutions integrates climate, crop, soil, and water science, for more effective and well-

targeted farming systems solutions, ensuring the inclusion of African women and youth.


The side event will feature a synthesis of global trends and challenges of agricultural

intensification in Africa, current frontiers in the science of crop, fertilizer, and water

management in agriculture, and discuss future research for development strategies for

climate change adaptation and sustainable intensification of African agriculture.




Opening remarks, Hicham El Habti (UM6P President)


Climate Challenges, Zitouni Ould-Dada (Climate & Environ. Div., FAO)


Research and Innovation for climate, Mauro Centritto, CNR, Italy



A new strategy for African Agriculture, Climate & Environmental Research, and Innovation.  L. Vergutz, A. Chehbouni, B. Gerard & R. Serraj (UM6P)


Panel Discussion moderated by Preet Lidder (FAO)

  • A.M. Loboguerrero Rodríguez (CGIAR)
  • Charafat Afilal (Ex-Min. in charge of water, Morocco)
  • Shamie Zingore (African Plant Nutrition Institute)
  • Ken Lohento (Digital Agriculture Specialist, RAF, Ghana)
  • Alpha Kamara (IITA, Nigeria)
  • Jean Senahoun (FAO Representative, Morocco)


Take home messages

  • Bukar Tijani (Ex ADG FAO, Nigeria)

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