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School of Agriculture, Fertilizers and Environmental Sciences


ESAFE is the school of agriculture within UM6P that aims to be a leader in Africa in education and research.

ESAFE trains experts in agriculture to contribute to food security by furthering research, improving fertilizers and plant products, and improving water and soil management.



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Promote African knowledge and know-how in architecture and urban / territorial planning, by means of research and education through developing innovative human-centered solutions to forge resilient and sustainable African cities and territories.


  • Train architects as key players in the structural transformation of resilient African territories.
  • Capitalize knowledge through research and innovation to boost the content of education in architecture, urban planning and design.
  • Advance transdisciplinarity in the field of architecture to link creativity with smart and sustainable technological solutions.    
  • Launch relevant training curriculum aimed at developing skills while fostering entrepreneurship and advanced leadership.  
  • Orient training towards professional practice (learning by doing) through the Living Labs of UM6P and OCP as well as other tangible projects.
  • Forge future architects in the African business context through master’s programs that respond to the challenges of the rapidly changing Moroccan and African markets.

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