Innovation Lab for Operations (ILO)

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Innovation Lab for opperation




Innovation Lab for Operations is a department whose mission is to develop and manage infrastructures, demonstrators and other test tools with a focus on industrial digitalization which allow it to:

  • Support OCP and other Moroccan and African industrial players in increasing their competitiveness through industrial digitalization and the improvement their productions tools.
  • Support innovation within the UM6P ecosystem through the development of an Open Innovation Platform (design, prototyping) open to the community through its FABLAB which boasts a large number manufacturing equipment.


The ILO’s two main focus areas of development are :

The study of advanced engineering projects (and research) and a test platform for the following 8 domains:

  • Advanced process controls
  • Mining, chemical and port facility steering
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Smart sensors and advanced spectrometry
  • Industrial beneficiation
  • Industrial simulators
  • Systems engineering and standardization for the mining industry
  • Development of new chemical processes for the production of phosphoric acids 
  • Provision of a FABLAB open to the entire UM6P ecosystem for prototyping of different natures