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Complex Systems Engineering and Human Systems (CSEHS)

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The Complex Systems Engineering and Human Systems component (CSEHS), is a finalized research and high education unit within the UM6P. It is composed of five axes to date: The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence axis, the Applied Mathematics and Modeling axis, the Process Engineering axis, the Mechanical and Rheology axis and the Engineering and Industrial Applications axis. All axes are supervised by a team of internationally recognized specialists.
These axes collaborate via interconnected bridges that aim at the formation of excellence dedicated to future Moroccans and Africans practitioners.

CSEHS aims to place itself at the highest level of scientific research institutes in the field of AI, modeling and engineering.

The component, born in 2017 and in full expansion, has so far nearly 25 researchers and PhD students. In 2018, they produced 58 publications in indexed journals as well as  66 international conferenes communications. In 2019, they produced 58 publications in indexed journals as well as  56 international conferences communications.

To promote its rapid development, the dynamics of CSEHS is articulated on several aspects by associating with international researchers, by exchanges with recognized institutions and via collaborations and regular stays.



In an evolving context and profound changes in the environment, the expectations of companies in terms of training and RDI (Research Development and Innovation) is more and more obvious. The challenges of the 21st century are numerous and involve more and more complex solutions:

  •  Ensure food safety and quality
  •  Reconcile the inevitable growth of energy demand worldwide with acceptable environmental costs
  •  Ensure water supply
  •  Facing global and climatic changes
  •  Take charge of daily natural, industrial, energy and mining risks
  •  Dealing with financial crises

In addition, Morocco is increasingly involved in a large investment program for major infrastructure projects (Tanger Med, TGV, OCP Pipeline, oil exploration, gas, oil shale, natural resources, mines, etc.). .

This requires a lot of scientific and technological retreat, in order to address a great complexity, related to various themes combining data, models, simulators, new technologies, know-how and expertise. This is the vision of CSEHS and its leitmotives.



The mission of the CSEHS program is to develop projects and trainings for scientific research, technological innovation, valorization and training in the fields of science, technology and the development of advanced technologies by exploiting data, models and industrial operations via controlled integration with new information technologies.

The unit proposes to date a higher education program based on initial training (a Bachelor of Science in Data (LSD), a Master Science of Data and Decision Support (SDAD) and Master Modeling Hybrid and Scientific Computing (MHACS )); and executive education with two Master Degrees (SDAD and MHACS).

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S'exprimant lors de la cérémonie, Hicham El Habti, Secrétaire Général de l'UM6P, a déclaré : « Notre université s'est engagée à explorer des méthodes d'enseignement conventionnelles et non conventionnelles qui nous aideront à pousser plus loin les limites de la science et de la technologie. Aujourd'hui, nous hébergeons ce centre interactif digital dans le cadre de notre portefeuille d'outils innovants pour contribuer au développement de modèles éducatifs en Afrique. »

UM6P Hosts the New Augmented and Virtual Reality Center in Morocco in Collaboration with EON Reality and USAID

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Presentation of the programme “Excellence in Africa"

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