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Center of Excellence in Soil and Fertilizer Research in Africa (CESFRA)

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CESFRA is a Center of Excellence in Soil and Fertilizer Research in Africa at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, which is tailored to be a knowledge center, technology and innovation incubator and soil reference archive of the African continent to bolster human welfare, economic growth and environmental sustainability.


CESFRA is founded on an organically interwoven manner of four pillars to realize its mission.


Serving the African continent in its endeavors of transforming agriculture through rummaging customized fertilizer technologies and innovations that can boost productivity of tropical agriculture being propelled by the core expertise, viz, soil science, fertilizer science and land use systems.



A center of excellence for soil and fertilizer research in African for assisting Africa to be food-secure and prosperous.


Research Themes:

  • Pedology/pedometrics
  • Tropical soils use & management
  • Land use system
  • Acid and Salt-aected soil management
  • Soil Fertility management
  • Soil Testing Methods
  • Lab & Field Diagnostic Tools Development Soil
  • Health Soil & water conservation etc.
S'exprimant lors de la cérémonie, Hicham El Habti, Secrétaire Général de l'UM6P, a déclaré : « Notre université s'est engagée à explorer des méthodes d'enseignement conventionnelles et non conventionnelles qui nous aideront à pousser plus loin les limites de la science et de la technologie. Aujourd'hui, nous hébergeons ce centre interactif digital dans le cadre de notre portefeuille d'outils innovants pour contribuer au développement de modèles éducatifs en Afrique. »

UM6P Hosts the New Augmented and Virtual Reality Center in Morocco in Collaboration with EON Reality and USAID

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Presentation of the programme “Excellence in Africa"

Presentation of the programme “Excellence in Africa"

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 Summer School on Hydroinformatics.

ENPC-IWRI-UM6P 1st Summer School on Hydroiformatics

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