Center Of Applied Medical Interface (CIAM)

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Centre Interface et Application Médicale - CIAM




CIAM (Medical Applications Interface Center) is highly involved in teaching and research activities within UM6P. Research at CIAM is structured in several areas including, microbiology, molecular biology, biomechanics, epidemiology, stem cells and cell therapy. The Center is made up of researchers and research professors who are subject matter experts and work in a cross-functional, interdisciplinary way in collaboration with world leaders in their respective fields. 




CIAM is an interdisciplinary department that works transversely with the different departments of UM6P. The mission of CIAM is divided into three areas of expertise:

Research: CIAM’s research areas include biomaterials and biomechanics, imaging, tissue modelling and engineering, microbiology, molecular biology and epidemiology.

Training: CIAM has launched several health-related programs:

  • Executive Masters in management and management of public and private health institutions, therapeutic nutrition, forensic expertise and identification. 
  • DU (University Degree) in wound care and scar management, pain management, medicine and emergency surgery
  • Undergraduate Degree “Licence Professionnelle” (High school +3) in hospital management, hospital logistics information system and maintenance of medical equipment.

Care: CIAM is conducting a construction project of a medical city with a geriatric hospital, a rehabilitation center, a nursing school, a physiotherapy school, a biomedical engineering school and a midwifery school. 

Among CIAM’s mission is the construction of a medical city composed of a university hospital, a school of nursing, a school of physiotherapy, and a retirement home.