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Recently selected IWRI’s projects for funding in national and international calls

The International Water Research Institute (IWRI) is delighted to announce that the project AGREEMed has been selected for funding by the 2021 PRIMA Call Section 2– Multi-topic. AGREEMed, “Innovative Aquifers Governance for Resilient Water Management and Sustainable Ecosystems in Stressed Mediterranean Agricultural Areas”, aims at improving the capacities of water actors in developing aquifer management plans by delivering scientific knowledge about quantity and quality status of groundwater and dependent ecosystems, and promoting innovative water treatment and the collective intelligence concept in water resources management.

AGREEMed is coordinated by Pr. Youssef Brouziyne, and the rest of IWRI’s investigation team includes Pr. Abdelghani Chehbouni, Pr. Tarik Chfadi, and Ms. Oumaima Attar, and Mr. Hicham El Jiar. In addition to UM6P and UIZ (Pr. Bouchaou Lhoussaine), the project consortium is composed by partners from Tunisia (1), France (2), Italy (1), Germany (2), Jordan (1), Spain (1). Among the 20 projects selected for funding by the 2021 PRIMA call, AGREEMed is the only project coordinated by southern Mediterranean shore.

Previously, UM6P’s IWRI team succeeded in securing funds in two other calls:

- ERA-NETs – 2021 Joint SUSFOOD2 and FOSC Call: with the project “MedAgriFoodResilience” which aims at empowering the resilience of Mediterranean agri-food heritage systems to socio-environmental shocks; Morocco’s case will be focusing on agro-forestry in the Argan ecosystem. The participating IWRI’s team includes Pr. Youssef Brouziyne (Co-PI), Pr. Abdelghani Chehbouni, Pr. Epule Terence, Ms. Oumaima Attar. In addition to the UM6P and UIZ (Pr. Bouchaou Lhoussaine) from Morocco, MedAgriFoodResilience gathers partners from Italy and Algeria.

-APRD (Appel à Projets de Recherche et Développement Multithématique) by CNRST & OCP Foundation : with the project “GEANTech”, Gestion durable de l’Eau en Agriculture : Innovation d’une approche synergique des Nouvelles Technologies et d’intelligence Collective”, aims at advancing knowledge about water cycles in three strategic watersheds, improving the irrigation water efficiency, and establishing a framework for sharing and exchanging knowledge through collective intelligence. GEANTech is coordinated by UIZ (Pr. Bouchaou Lhoussaine), and the consortium includes researchers from UCA, USMS, UM6P, and IRD. UM6P (IWRI & CRSA) team includes Pr. Youssef Brouziyne (Co-PI), Pr. Abdelghani Chehbouni, Pr. Mohamed Hakim Kharrou, Pr. Tarik Chfadi, Pr. Ahmed Laamrani, Pr. Terence Epule, Pr.Victor Ongoma, and Dr. Driss Dhiba.