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The Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research center of Excellence (ACER CoE)


The Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research center of Excellence (ACER CoE) is a hub and platform for R&D in Applied Chemistry and Engineering attracting highly talented researchers under transparent governance. ACER CoE encourage excellence in research and inter-program synergy and is instrumental in updating the research infrastructure, engaging specialists nationally and internationally.  ACER CoE is a also a platform for young professor, researchers, scientists to develop their research abilities in inter-disciplinary Environment.

ACER CoE vision is to strive to create and strengthen links between the existing teams from various departments and partner institutions of UM6P. Supported financially by flagships program and Chairs, ACER CoE aim to improve OCP technologies technically and financially in a specific short-term projects and educate highly skilled master and Phd student in area related to energy and environmental sustainability.

The main mission of ACER CoE is to: 

  • Achieve joint Chemistry-Engineering disciplines to address enduring process challenges.
  • Create an environment of excellence for interdisciplinary research.
  • Foster collaborative work, technology networking/transfer, cooperation and entrepreneurship.
  • Implement a national and international policy strategy planning in R&D
  • Organic Optoelectronics
  • Advanced Materials/ Products/ Process
  • Smart Materials/ Colloidal engineering
  • Process Engineering for Industrial decarbonization
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage & Conversion