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 MSN Team 

Prof. Jones ALAMI Plasma and thin film physics

- PVD and CVD technology: implementation and process development
- Surface protection and functionalization: anticorrosive coatings and smart surfaces
- Thin film growth characterization and applications
- Nanostructured materials 
- R&D project management
- Innovation management
- Business development 


Prof. Mounir EL ACHABY Materials Physics and Polymer Engineering

- Development of structured composite materials: processing, characterization and applications
- Extraction and characterization of new materials from wastes and lignocellulosic biomass
- Development of bio-inspired nanocomposite materials for functional applications
- Development of new materials for coating of fertilizers
- Physico-chemical characterization of materials 


Prof. Mouad DAHBI Electrochemistry and Battery Materials

- Development of high-performance materials for clean energy production
- New materials for negative electrodes and electrolytes for Li-, Na- and K-ion batteries
- Synthesis and characterization of materials and their electrochemical performances.
- High-energy density electrode materials system for efficient energy storage and low- cost batteries based on the abundant elements in Earth’s Crust 


Prof. Hicham BENYOUCEF Functional Polymers and Composites

- Polymer composite materials processing and applications
- Development of Self-Healing Materials for advanced applications
- Biopolymers, bio-composites materials
- Physicochemical and electrochemical analysis of materials for Hydrogen Fuel cells and batteries
- Development of electrodes and solid electrolyte materials for batteries 
- Development of new and smart materials for different applications 


Prof. Khalil AMINE Batteries for Electrical Vehicles

- Batteries for mobile and stationary applications
- Electrochemistry
- Innovation and entrepreneurship
- Strategic energy research management
- Business development


Prof. Ismael SAADOUNEBattery Materials

- Design of new energy materials and development of new cost-effective and efficient synthesis processes
- Development of high energy Li-/Na-ion batteries
- Design safe, clean and cost-effective batteries for renewable energy storage
- Synthesis and characterization of materials and their electrochemical performances


Prof. Rachid HAKKOUMining and Sustainable Development

- Phosphate wastes recycling and reuse (phosphate waste rocks and phosphate sludge)
- Manufacturing of sustainable and competitive building materials
- Valorization of industrial by-products
- Sustainability development and industrial ecology 


Prof. Bouchaib MANOUNCrystallography of Materials

- Synergistic approaches towards development of cost-effective materials for fuel cell application
- Development of electrodes with enhanced performance and stability
- Design of new perovskite materials as electrodes for solid oxide fuel-cell
- Crystallography of materials 


Prof. Allal BARROUG   Materials Science and Interfaces

- Synthesis and characterization of apatitic calcium phosphate materials and bio-composites
- Surface reactivity with respect to molecules of biological interest
- Development of new biomaterials for medical applications, such as bone replacement or repair as well as drug delivery systems
- Surface properties of phosphate materials and derivates in relation with natural resources valorization and environmental applications 


Prof. Hassan HANNACHE Materials Chemistry and Engineering

- Valorization of bituminous shale and others natural resources
- Natural fibers and composite materials
- Manufacturing and characterization of carbon fibers and phosphate fibers
- Biochar production and characterization 


Prof. Heinz BuschNuclear physics, thin film physics

- Chemical vapor deposition 
- Physical vapor deposition
- RD, DC, HIPIMS and Microwave deposition techniques
- High precision manufacturing of systems and components
- Parelyne deposition and applications


Prof. Christian FISCHER Anticorrosive Inhibitors and Coatings

- Surface refinements and materials protection
- Plasma generated robust carbon coatings
- Bio-supported synthesis of precious nanoparticles 
- Investigation of biodegradable and sustainable compounds as anticorrosive inhibitors and coatings