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A framework agreement between UM6P and Hydro-Québec

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Framework agreement between UM6P et Hydro-Québec


UM6P and Hydro-Québec have signed, on June 17th, a protocol to a Framework Agreement to extend their collaboration around diverse research projects, education, and development.
Among these projects, the ability to enroll on postgraduate internships in CEETSE, as well as a pilot project that aims to develop a battery of 600KWh capacity.

Known for its unique expertise in the development of battery technologies and development of solutions based on numerous uses in electrification of transport, Hydro-Québec has concluded throughout the years more than sixty license agreements related to its storage technologies. Hydro-Québec has developed invaluable expertise in producing protototypes as well as the up-scaling of the manufacturing processes of energy storage technologies. 

Signature d’un protocole d’accord entre l’UM6P et Hydro-Québec


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