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The UM6P Doctoral Studies Center (UM6P/CE-Doc) trains doctoral students in research excellence and innovation using a multidisciplinary approach by creating an integrative framework between the different research programs of the University. The Center's main objective is to contribute and respond to the issues and challenges of Morocco and Africa. UM6P/CE-Doc supports its doctoral students through the various stages of their theses, providing them with specific and complementary training so that their work meets the high academic standards of research and excellence.

The UM6P/CE-Doc invites students holding a Master's degree, an Engineering diploma, or any other equivalent diploma, to apply to its Doctoral Studies program. Online pre-registration, submission of applications, and selection of wishing to enroll in the doctoral cycle for the year 2021-2022 are as follows:


Applications can be submitted for up to two available subjects.

  • July 31, 2021
    Call for applications for the first registration in the doctoral cycle
  • July 31 - November 30, 2021
    Online pre-registration and submission of files
  • December 2021
    Pre-selection based on file review and announcement of pre-selection results

Applicants must have a Master's degree or a recognized equivalent diploma. Applicants must also meet the specific requirements outlined in the descriptions of doctoral training courses, particularly the compatibility between the research subject requested/proposed and the diplomas' domains. 


An initial pre-selection is made based on the candidate's file. Compatibility between the candidate's diplomas and the requested thesis subject is required; otherwise, the file is rejected.

Candidates who pass the initial pre-selection must then give an oral presentation on their research topic before a scientific committee. Candidates may also receive a written test related to the central theme.

Application file

Applications are to be submitted on the SuccessFactors platform; no application will be considered after the deadline. The application must contain the following documents: 

A curriculum vitae (CV), a cover letter in English, two letters of recommendation, certified copies of diplomas obtained with transcripts, and a copy of your identity card (CIN or Passport);

A certificate of equivalence for any unrecognized or foreign diploma.

A record of previous work and publications;

A written research proposal, in English, on the subject specifying: the scope of the research topic, the questions posed, the research hypothesis(es), the theoretical and conceptual field of investigation, and the potential impact and relevance to UM6P, Morocco, or Africa and beyond.

Link to the call for applications:



UM6P/CE-Doc research is carried out in departments and laboratories that bring together experts/researchers from all disciplines. This approach allows our students to transcend intellectual boundaries and operationalize research to meet concrete needs. Students will also build partnership relations with internationally renowned universities and research institutes. In addition, UM6P/CE-Doc guarantees financial, material, and human resources to encourage doctoral students to push the disciplinary boundaries of research and transform their research ideas into practical projects. To strengthen this approach, the University has launched a new program in collaboration with foreign universities. Students are introduced to entrepreneurial concepts in courses designed to stimulate leadership and innovation, thus enhancing their thesis. 

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University provides doctoral students with a monthly scholarship amounting to 10,000Dh.

Entities/member structures of UM6P/CE-Doc:

  • Center for Remote Sensing Application (CRSA)
  • Medical Application Interface Center (CIAM)
  • Experimental Farm (Agri-Tech)
  • Geology & Sustainable Mining (GSM)
  • Complex Systems and Human Systems Engineering (CSEHS)
  • Institute of Sciences, Technologies, and Innovations (ISTI)
  • International Water Research Institute (IWRI)
  • Materials Sciences and Nano-engineering (MSN)
  • Experimental mine
  • Modeling Simulation and Data Analysis entity (MSDA)
  • School of Agricultural Sciences, Fertilizers and Environment (ESAFE)
  • School of Architecture Planning and Design (SAP + D)
  • School of Computer and Communication Sciences (SCCS)
  • School of Industrial Management (EMINES)
  • Sciences in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Green Chemical Process Engineering (CBS.GPE)