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Explorer closes it first cohort with a Virtual Showcase

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Explorer closes it first cohort with a Virtual Showcase





Tuesday, September 22nd marked the completion of the first cohort of the Explorer program, which started in March 2020. This six-month support period enabled the entrepreneurs to develop their various solutions and explore their markets with the educational and financial stewardship provided by the Explorer program.


Developed by UM6P in collaboration with the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, ‘Explorer’ is a program designed to provide access to entrepreneurial training, mentoring and potential financing opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators.


The virtual showcase, which took place on Tuesday, September 22nd, was an opportunity for 12 teams to present their solutions, live in their individual virtual team rooms, before an audience of Moroccan and American business leaders, investors and professors from each respective ecosystem. The remaining 31 teams that completed the inaugural cohort were also listed on the showcase website.


To view the content of the showcase, including the recorded plenary session,12 team pitches and 31 team listings, please visit:


Below is the list of the 12 start-ups of the program and their value propositions:


Atlas Trip:


Thanks to its mobile application, Atlas Trip enables Moroccan backpackers to obtain assistance during their trips, thus reducing the risks associated with trekking in Morocco.


Amendy Foods:


Amendy is bridging the gap between quinoa producers and end customers by developing unique capabilities in the production of quinoa-based products.




DADUPA is a web-based platform in which business angels and start-ups in developing countries can search, evaluate and connect with one other.


Fouling Shrimp:


Fouling Shrimp actively prevents fouling by cleaning tube by tube on demand, using an IOT device, and reducing the overall cost of the heat exchanger by 40% thanks to 3D printing technology.


IOM Solutions:


IOM Solutions enables intelligent data visualisation using UAVs and efficient decision making to save time and money during solar panel maintenance activities.


IT Med Maroc:


IT Med ensures the electronic tracing of hospital catering flows (food, cold chain, orders, logistic indicators, etc.) in real time with an IT and robotic system.




JobZilla's aim is to simplify the recruitment process by using anti-cheating measures on all tests.


Market Dawajin:


Market Dawajin maximises farmers' profits by facilitating the buying and selling processes at the poultry farm level.


Mo Na Co:


Mo Na Co is the first Moroccan green engineering company, producing low-cost and renewable nanomaterials from biomass waste, targeting local cement manufacturers for green buildings.




Parkini is a mobile application that offers drivers an easy way to find a parking space and car park owners a safe way to increase their income.




Polymarketizer is a platform for connecting agricultural cooperatives with potential customers.




Prognet is an audio-visual advertising platform that helps small and medium sized enterprises to communicate with a targeted audience by offering them access to local business locations with televisions connected to its network.


Immersion on social networks