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Discover our offer in Business & Management 

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University's offer in Business&Management for 2020/2021 is composed of three schools: écoles.

1- Africa Business School (ABS) :

Founded in 2016, the Africa Business School at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), aims at becoming a leading business school in Africa focused on research and teaching. The Business School responds to the most crucial challenges facing Africa and the world in general, by being dedicated to the development of future leaders of the continent, through training, research and innovation. With a hybrid pedagogy centered on the human, the Africa Business School brings a different perspective on leadership. In all its programs, the school develops both the analytical & holistic skills of its participants; both on quantitative and qualitative aspects, cognitive, emotional, managerial and technological. It also actively includes a responsibility towards society as a cornerstone of its training; the objective being to qualify leaders who are culturally and socially responsible.
The Africa Business School joins forces with the most prestigious international academic partners to deliver three main types of programs:
-Custom Education Programs
These are tailor-made programs that meet the training needs of the organizations that request them. The objective of these programs is to accelerate development by supporting employees to increase their skills and thus participate in the transformation of their organizations. The Africa Business School plays both the role of a consultant and an educational partner, by aiding its clients to equip themselves and better cope with an increasingly complex and digital world. 
- Research Programs
 The Africa Business School offers both doctoral and post-doctoral programs, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of innovation in terms of leadership and management. The business school also supports strategic poles of large structures in their research projects.
- Open Enrollment Programs
 The Africa Business School offers open enrollment programs aimed at developing the skills of leaders  and managers in a plurality of disciplines: • An Executive MBA for executives with the Columbia Business School; • An Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energies with Ecole Polytechnique X, HEC Paris & IRESEN; • A diploma in Financial Engineering & Operations Research in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique X; • An Executive Certificate ‘Finance Morocco’ in collaboration with HEC Paris.
To learn more about Africa Business School programs, visit our website

2-    School of Collective Intelligence (SCI) 

“Collective intelligence is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals" (Wikipedia).
Collective Intelligence is a new field of knowledge with ancient roots. At its core is a simple insight about the nature of human beings: we have evolved to collaborate, and only succeed when we collaborate effectively.
From Thucydides to Ibn Khaldun, John Stuart Mill to Peter Senge, scholars through the ages have observed how groups can, under the right circumstances, build and preserve knowledge better than a single gifted individual.
In 2019, new models of crowdsourcing, open innovation and deliberative democracy appear every day.
Yet the continuing unrest in our politics and economy result from the fact that most systems of governance still function as hierarchies, pyramids, or “representative” institutions that are no longer trusted by those they represent.
The study of collective intelligence embraces many domains of inquiry:
•    Cognitive science, to understand the human mind, its biases and strengths;
•    Data science, to understand how collective decisions can be better informed;
•    Organizational science, to develop new structures and processes that favor collaboration;
•    Political innovation, to build more inclusive and effective institutions;
•    Facilitation, to develop the interpersonal skills needed to lead;
•    History, biology and l ethics to tailor our skills to the present moment.
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3-    School of Hospitality Business and Management (SHBM)

Located within the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir, the School of Hospitality Business and Management aims to become an African flagship of excellence, shaping tomorrow’s leaders of one of the world’s most important sectors: the tourism industry.
The School of Hospitality Business and Management is an associate member of the network of EHL-certified School. EHL has been ranked world’s No. 1 hospitality management school. This partnership will lead the UM6P School of Hospitality Business and Management to become the first EHL Certified school in Morocco and the second one in Africa. 

UM6P School of Hospitality Business and Management (SHBM) offers a 4-year practically oriented Bachelor Program, driven by the hospitality motto of “Savoir être & Savoir vivre”, and delivered by a faculty combining the right mix between industry practitioners and academic professors. 

The program will be delivered in English, with a strong focus on communication skills and cultural diversity thus enabling students to confidently tackle international exposure.

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