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School of Collective Intelligence

School of Collective Intelligence

UM6P School of Collective Intelligence :

At our campus in Ben Guerir, Morocco in partnership with leading institutions in Africa, Europe and the US, we will offer the first comprehensive Masters in Collective Intelligence (2 years), as well as a 5-year PhD program, post-doctoral research opportunities, an Executive Masters, and an entrepreneurship incubator.


What is collective intelligence ?

“Collective intelligence is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals" (Wikipedia).

Collective Intelligence is a new field of knowledge with ancient roots. At its core is a simple insight about the nature of human beings: we have

evolved to collaborate, and only succeed when we collaborate effectively. From Thucydides to Ibn Khaldun, John Stuart Mill to Peter Senge, scholars through the ages have observed how groups can, under the right circumstances, build and preserve knowledge better than a single gifted individual.

In 2019, new models of crowdsourcing, open innovation and deliberative democracy appear every day. Yet the continuing unrest in our politics and economy result from the fact that most systems of governance still function as hierarchies, pyramids, or “representative” institutions that are no longer trusted by those they represent.


The study of collective intelligence embraces many domains of inquiry:

  • Cognitive science, to understand the human mind, its biases and strengths ;
  • Data science, to understand how collective decisions can be better informed ;
  • Organizational science, to develop new structures and processes that favor collaboration ;
  • Political innovation, to build more inclusive and effective institutions ;
  • Facilitation, to develop the interpersonal skills needed to lead ;
  • History, biology and l ethics to tailor our skills to the present moment.

What are the goals of the School of Collective Intelligence ?

1) To conduct basic research that allows us to understand how humans* react in group settings, and what biases human reasoning is prone to in group settings

2) To identify and design processes that effectively aggregate group knowledge and optimize the outcome of collective actions

3) To train future leaders to understand collective intelligence, and to implement that understanding in leadership and strategy

4) To build “knowledge commons” that inform decisions and safeguard collective wisdom


With our partners across the world, we will help shape collective intelligence as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from political science, cognitive science, data science, philosophy, and management science to meet the challenges of this century.

With our partners across the world, we will help shape collective intelligence as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from political science, cognitive science, data science, philosophy, and management science to meet the challenges of this century.


 Academics  Partnerships

Our curriculum development team includes scholars from some of the world’s leading academic institutions, including MIT, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Cambridge, and the Ecole normale supérieure (Paris). 


Masters in Collective Intelligence

Our two-year masters program gives an intensive formation in the fundamentals of each of the five poles of CI: cognition, data, organizational

design, facilitation, and ethics. Graduates will be able to lead organizational transformations within the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Sign up here for advance information on the launch of our 2-year Masters program in Fall 2020


PhD & postdoctoral research

Our five-year doctoral program, the first of its kind in the world, integrates two years of masters-level classes with an intensive research apprenticeship. This apprenticeship spans the full five years, and is meant to encourage groundbreaking discovery by giving the student the time, resources, and intellectual freedom necessary for this to happen. Students will come out of the program prepared for the international academic job market.

Our postdoctoral fellows are normally appointed on a two year basis. Contrary to many other institutions there is a possibility for excellent postdocs to become full professors at the UM6P.

Contact us here if you are interested in taking part in our PhD or advanced research programs.


Executive Masters

Our Executive Masters is designed for senior or mid-career professionals interested in building collective intelligence within their organizations. The Masters is delivered in a two formats : six modules of one week each, given every other month ; or intensive “summer school” and “winter school” sessions of three weeks each.

Sign up here for advance information on the launch of our Executive Masters program in October 2019


Certificate in Collective Intelligence (EdX)

In January 2020 we will launch our “Fundamentals of Collective Intelligence” course on the EdX online education platform. Sign up here for advance information on the launch of our online certificate program in spring semester 2021.


UM6P Collective Intelligence Minor

Our conviction is that collective intelligence methods are useful in any field of human knowledge. Starting September 2019, students in any degree program at UM6P will be eligible to earn a collective intelligence minor by completing core courses offered by the School of Collective Intelligence. For more information, please contact the CI School team.


Basic Research



In collaboration with researchers from MIT, Yale and the NYU Governance Lab, we are developing a cutting-edge basic research program focused on cross-cultural cognition. We believe that understanding and harnessing the abilities of different communities’ styles of negotiation and group reasoning will be a major source of advancement in our understanding of collective intelligence. This group will work over a range of field sites around the African continent to develop advanced digital and methodological tools adapted from the collective intelligence community for the purposes of studying the human mind.


Applied Research and Entrepreneurship

In coordination with the UM6P Incubator program, our School will transform new methods and tools into collective intelligence enterprises, rapidly putting our knowledge into practice in the public and private sectors.

Thus in parallel to the basic research program, we are also developing an applied research track, with a strong focus on applied collective intelligence on the African continent. The purpose of this track is to work closely with the UM6P incubator program in order to understand emerging market trends and needs across Africa. Researchers can then draw from their understanding of new tools, theories and methods from basic research in collective intelligence in order to imagine and pilot world changing products and services.


Admissions & Recruitment

We are recruiting for a number of professorships and research engineer positions in cognitive psychology, experimental philosophy, data science, organizational psychology, management science, and applied humanities.

From September 2019 we will be recruiting PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. We will also begin accepting applications for entry into our 2-year Masters program, which will launch in September 2020.

“Please contact us for more information on opportunities to study or teach at the School of Collective Intelligence.”

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About UM6P

The Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique was founded as a new center of excellence in research, innovation and education in Africa, focusing on social responsibility, food security and sustainable development.

Inaugurated in 2017, UM6P puts experimentation at the heart of its academic offer. Through constant interchange between research and practice, we aim to bring forth a new generation of environmentally and socially conscious leaders.

UM6P currently offers 15 masters programs and in academic year 2019-2020 will welcome 1600 students to its main campus in Ben Guerir, Morocco. Its academic offerings include joint degrees with HEC and the Ecole des Mines in France, and research collaborations with MIT and Columbia University in the US.




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