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The Chair of Soil Science welcomed professors from the University of Sao Paulo


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, through the Chair of Soil Science (CSS), was pleased to welcome four professors from the University of Sao Paulo (USP) during the week of the 6th March, at the UM6P Campus in Benguerir. 

This visit strengthened our partnership with the USP which is the largest university in Brazil and provided an opportunity for them to learn more about the Chair of Soil Science and the College for Sustainable Agriculture & Environmental Sciences.

The USP has been collaborating on a project with CSS/UM6P and OCP, since July 2021, entitled “Phosphorus fate, behavior, and bioavailability in long-term phosphate fertilizer and soil management trials in the Brazilian Cerrado” where Molecular Environmental Science is being brought to UM6P through the application of synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopies (XRF and XANES) and 31P NMR to unravel the long-term effects of soil management on legacy phosphorus species in highly weathered soils.