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CBS.GPE Faculty and Staff


Pr. RACHID BENHIDAAffiliate Professor, Head of CBS

Pr. RACHID BENHIDA, Chemical Sciences

Pr. Benhida graduated from Paris XI Orsay University. He is currently the Director of Research at the CNRS at the Nice Institute of Chemistry (ICN), after serving two terms by nomination of the Institute’s management. He is also a full member of the National Academy of Pharmacy in France. The research work of Pr. Benhida is at the level of Chemical Sciences to answer interface problems. He is a laureate of several international awards and distinctions including, most recently, the Michel Delalande prize of the National Academy of Pharmacy in France and the Grand Prix of Innovation.


Pr. JAMAL CHAOUKI  Affiliate Professor

Professor Chaouki obtained a degree in process engineering from ENSIC Nancy in 1979 followed by a PhD at the Polytechnic School of Montréal in 1985. He became a postdoctoral fellow at UBC Vancouver from 1985 to 1986. He joined the Polytechnic School of Montréal as an Assistant Professor in 1987, then as an Associate Professor in 1991, then became a Full Professor at the same school in 1995. 

Dr. Jamal Chaouki, who holds many scientific prizes, tutored more than 80 postgraduate researchers including PhDs and supervised the work of more than 40 Postdoctoral students and visiting professors. He published more than 400 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and has more than 450 other articles in different scientific reviews. He also edited 8 books and obtained 25 patents. He is also the editor of the “International Journal of Chemical Product & Process Modelling”.

Dr. Chaouki was the technical and scientific director of the 8th International Conference of Chemical Engineering in August 2009, and a committee member of the 10th International Conference of Chemical Engineering in 2017. Also, he was the president of the 15th International Conference of Fluidization. Pr. Chaouki is currently the director of the Center of Biorefinery where he supervises 40 researchers (25 PhD students, 8 Post-Doctoral students, 5 Research Associates and 2 Researchers).

Furthermore, Dr. Jamal Chaouki is a member of many Scholarly Societies such as the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec. He is also a member of the Executive Board of different schools and corporations such as the Polytechnic School of Montréal, Ecotech Quebec, Ecolomondo Inc., Pyrowave, Hibe Inc.…

Last but not least, he is a consultant in more than 20 international companies and the principal owner of the industrial chair CRSNG-Total for the development of new processes of high pressure and high temperature. As an entrepreneur, Dr Jamal Chaouki has 4 start-ups that he co-created with his students and collaborators, namely; Formmat, Hibe, Ecolomondo & Pyrowave. Ecolomondo, has been incorporated recently to the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Pr. REDOUANE BENIAZZA Associate Professor

Professor Beniazza was born in Beni Mellal (Morocco) in 1981. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from University of Bordeaux under the supervision of Prof. Yannick Landais on the synthesis of silylated cycloheptatrienes and their desymmetrisation toward the synthesis of sugar mimics. 
After carrying out post-doctoral research with Prof. Fabrice Chemla at Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 6 (2011-2012) on the Organometallic Reactivity and Catalysis for Organic Synthesis, he took a position as Associate Researcher at the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (ISM) - UMR 5255, Bordeaux University (2013-2017). He is the co-author of more than 30 peer-reviewed publications.
Redouane Beniazza research interests focus on synthetic organic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, radical chemistry, with a special emphasis on organometallic chemistry and the application in the synthesis of organic molecules. Recently, his interest was also extended to inorganic chemistry. 
Pr. Beniazza has several collaborations at national and international levels: MIT, UCA Nice-France, Polytechnic Montréal, Arizona State University, EPFL, CNRS, USF Tampa, etc.