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Agri Analytics Days: A Preview of the second edition

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Agri Analytics Days: A Preview of the second edition




Des chercheurs experts en Agriculture de précision et des membres de la Business Unit Agriedge nous présentent cette nouvelle discipline et les atouts qu’elle peut offrir aux agriculteurs. Une série d’interviews qui donne un aperçu du programme de l’édition 2019 des Agri Analytics Days.  


The second edition of Agri Analytics Days is fast approaching. It is an opportunity to connect with researchers and members of the Business Unit, Agriedge, on precision agriculture. A new discipline that allows farmers to integrate technological solutions to their farms in order to save operating costs for the purpose of sustainable agriculture.


Indeed, the use of sensors to measure the water and nutrient requirements of each plant, drones and satellite imagery to better identify the areas of the farm to be treated with phytosanitary products or weed control, mean saving money for the plant. 


The Agri Analytics Days, to be held at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir from April 23 to 25, are aimed at popularizing this new discipline, recruiting new researchers in the field, and presenting examples of pioneering countries that have adopted new practices in the field. 

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