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In this ever-globalizing world, the need for English proficiency continues to rise, and along with that, the need for exceptional language and communication skills training.

For UM6P and its ambitious strategy and partnership programs with world-renowned institutions, language and communication mastery will play an integral role in the students’, researchers’, faculty’s and staff’s success, and therefore, the overall University’s success. The need for exceptional language training is just as apparent in the national and continental corporate and academic worlds.

The Language Lab’s approach is client-focused and learner-centric, developing customized programs for each client (school, research center, business, etc.) and adapting them to the learner level (taking into consideration their proficiency level, learning style, interests and goals).

We offer content-based learning programs for specific industries and jobs (engineering, management, etc.) as well as for specific purposes (public speaking, presentations, negotiations, business writing and social awareness). The Language Lab emphasizes authentic language usage to help the learner better comprehend and interpret the nuances of language. We weave regional cultural influence into the development of the 4 skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). This is accomplished by incorporating soft-skills based exercises into the core curriculum, thus providing the learner with a broad and relevant skill set.

Our learning channels are also completely customizable, including live traditional classes, flipped classes and teachers, virtual classrooms and virtual exchanges, online self-learning and video games, or a blended/hybrid approach.

Our offer:

The Language Lab currently offers on-site international language proficiency tests such as TOEIC, IELTS, DELF and DALF.

The Language Lab is currently offering English, Arabic (MSA and dialectal), French, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin, and is open to developing programs in any language that our learners may need. All UM6P Language Lab Instructors are university graduates with internationally recognized Teaching Certifications. The Language Lab assigns teachers to programs based on academic background, professional experience, and availability to ensure the highest quality courses for our participants.


Our mission is to develop the language and communication skills of Morocco’s current and

future leaders through the creation of high impact, innovative and customized learning solutions which are rooted in awareness of cultural influence as an essential element of language acquisition. 


We support a diverse community of students, faculty, and businesses with our commitment to the idea of lifelong learning while leading the market in client specific, learner-centric programs modeled to enhance linguistic and cultural awareness that will enhance learner opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.




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