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School of Computer Science (SCS)



Engineering degree in computer science

Towards research and innovation





1. Educate the Next Generation of Engineers and Researchers


2. Train the Actors of a Word-Class Innovation Center in Computer Science






An Engineering / Master Degree after completing a 5 years curricula:


2 years Integrated Preparatory Cycle oriented towards Computer Science +

3 years Engineering Cycle in Computer Science



The first 2 years of our 5 years curricula aim to :


  • Offer solid scientific based in mathematics for today's data science world.
  • Develop the necessary prerequisites in computer science (computer architecture, algorithmic, introduction to programming).
  • Develop communication skills, in French and English, written and oral.
  • Acquire Essentials Working Methods for further studies and for professional opening.



UM6P-CS Engineer program encompasses the following topics :


  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Data Science
  2. Cybersecurity,  Blockchain Systems
  3. Cloud Systems, Advanced Data Bases
  4. Internet of Things, Mobile Networks, Embedded Systems
  5. Software Design and Certification


Carefully selected towards new technologies, this program will enable students to acquire the skills needed to integrate the largest public or private companies in IT or not, and join innovative digital projects in the most prestigious research laboratories.



In addition to acquiring the foundations of computer science, after accomplishing the engineering/master program in computer science, the students will acquire the following skills:


  1. Intervention in all phases of the software development life cycle
  2. Modeling and development of secure distributed applications
  3. Development of intelligent systems
  4. Data analysis in a Big Data context
  5. Mastery of Machine Learning techniques
  6. Advanced Knowledge in Wireless and Mobile Networking
  7. E-reputation and E-influence in Social Networks
  8. Design of Embedded Systems on the Internet of Things world
  9. Design of Secure Systems in the Cloud




UM6P-CS partners with leading research institutes and professionals from around the world to provide high-quality scientific research and teaching such as Columbia University, MIT, EPFL, National Universities ...


Academic staff


A competent and committed teaching team mastering the various innovative methods and practices allowing:

  • to give meaning to the student's work;
  • to clarify and achieve its objectives;
  • to have the right to make mistakes;
  • to be an actor in his learning.


UM6P-CS  is home to several national and international teaching fellows. professors, researchers, award-winning scientists,  authors of leading textbooks and publications in their fields. 


Fully available to the students, parents and work closely with all school stakeholders. 





In the heart of the green city of Benguerir, near Marrakech, the school is hosted in the Africa’s largest data center facility.


A safe space to innovate

UM6P ecosystem allows a learning based on experimentation through

  1. Vast station,
  2. Laboratories and Fablabs
  3. "Living Labs"; work platforms, on a real scale (mining facilities, farms, factories, urban projects, startups, associations etc.), in which our students learn about the field and put their learning into practice.


Our Data center host the most performant African Supercalculator Center.

This space is made available for students and researchers and helps also startups to develop and test prototypes of their products and services.

  1. 1000 m2 managed by UM6P-CS
  2. high-performance computer (HPC), More than 3 petaflops

The Company, if it offers the creator the opportunity to flourish while ensuring his future, also involves the implementation of skills essential to his success. From an innovation or a creative idea of ​​service, an entrepreneur and his business can be born but the UM6P intends to guide, support and make this initiative more reliable so that it is transformed, developed and perpetuated for the benefit of the greatest number and more particularly for the benefit of its creator.

An essential value of UM6P, innovation is initiated, stimulated and transformed into a solution or service via incubation and acceleration programs for start-ups and a buoyant ecosystem made available to creators to support them.




Recruitment at UM6P-CS is opened to at all High school student with a Scientific Baccalaureate in Mathematics wishing to follow a rigorous and demanding training allowing them to move towards engineering careers in the digital sciences.

The studies are organized over five years for students with

  • Age under 21 on December 31 of the year of selection
  • Highest honors - Mention " très bien , bien" in mathematical sciences
  • The will to surpass themselves to innovate and achieve excellence


Important dates 


  • Deadline to apply: April 15, 2021.

    The candidates will be pre-selected based on the study of their academic file. The final selection will be based on an entry exam followed by interviews with the pre-selected candidates in July.

    Please visit to discover our portal, our registration modalities and our attractive scholarship system.

  • July: Tests and Selection of Eligible Candidates
  • July - August: Oral admission tests
  • August: Admission results and Full or partial scholarships attribution




Tuition and accommodation fees


For the 2020-2021 academic year, tuition fees at UM6P are as follows:



  • Registration fees (1st year) : 5.000 dhs
  • Annual tuition fees : 75.000 dhs
  • Annual insurance  : 1500 dhs


Besides courses, these fees include access to the Learning Center and sports facilities.

A few fees may however vary depending on the establishment. We invite you to contact the establishment that interests you for more specific information.

Complementary fees include:

  • Housing fees in campus residences : 1000 dhs per month/ 10,000 dhs in a year
  • Catering fees (based on consumption). Meals can be taken in the cafeteria or in the University restaurant.
  • Cost of textbooks, school supplies and living expenses


In line with its civic commitment, UM6P, a meritocratic university, supports the brightest students through an attractive system of academic scholarships and financial aid grants. Contact us for more information.​


Carreer Outlook :


Computing connects to other careers.

100% of current jobs will be transformed by computing.

50% of them will disappear. 

50% of jobs of tomorrow will be directly linked to computing.


Our Students will also be able to continue their training as part of a thesis, set up their own business or go directly to all public or private sectors.


To only quote a few : Software Engineer, System Architect, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Cyber Security Specialist, IT Project Manager, Solution Architect, Embedded Systems Designer.



Contact :


[email protected]