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In this ever-globalizing world, the need for English proficiency continues to rise, and along with that, the need for exceptional language and communication skills training.

For UM6P and its ambitious strategy and partnership programs with world-renowned institutions, language and communication mastery will play an integral role in the students’, researchers’, faculty’s and staff’s success, and therefore, the overall University’s success. The need for exceptional language training is just as apparent in the national and continental corporate and academic worlds.

While the need for English mastery is obvious, the Language Lab is aligned with a belief set forth by Nelson Mandela, “If you speak to a man in a language he understands – that goes to his head; If you speak to man in his own language – that goes to his heart”. This is why the Language Lab is currently offering Arabic (MSA and dialectal), French, Spanish and Mandarin, and is open to developing programs in any language that our learners may need. 

The Language Lab’s approach is client-focused and learner-centric, developing customized programs for each client (school, research center, business, etc.) and adapting them to the learner level (taking into consideration their proficiency level, learning style, interests and goals). We offer content-based learning programs for specific to industries and jobs (engineering, agribusiness, banking, etc.) as well as for specific purposes (public speaking, presentations, negotiations, etc.). Our learning channels are also completely customizable, including live traditional classes, flipped classes and teachers, virtual classrooms, online self-learning, or a blended/hybrid approach.

The Language Lab is currently a certified TOEIC center, and TOEFL is on the way. 



Our mission is to develop the language and communication skills of Morocco’s current and future leaders through the creation of high impact, innovative and customized learning solutions 



Our vision is to become a reference of language learning in Morocco, capable of responding to the needs of individuals, institutions and the society at large.

Notre Equipe 


Ms. Tina LIBERTOHead of The Language Lab

Ms. Liberto is Head of The Language Lab. She a Business Management graduate and TESOL certified. She has worked as a Training Portfolio Manager at OCP and was member of the Chairman’s cabinet. She has also worked as Pedagogical at Berlitz. She has over 15 years of experience in curriculum development and course development. 

She is a specialist in business English, management programs, executive level training, soft skills, etc.


M. Rachid AKHMASSIEnglish Language Instructor and Coordinator

English Language Instructor and coordinator. He holds a Master’s degree in English linguistics from Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakech. He is also TEFL-certified from L’Ecole Normale Supérieure of Rabat and Tesol-certified from the University of Portsmouth. He has taught English at The American Language Center of Marrakesh and in public Preparatory classes for over 15 years. He is also a language teacher trainer. 


Mr. Ismail RAQIEnglish Language Instructor

An English Language Instructor, Mr. Raqi holds a Master’s in English Studies from Hassan II university of Casablanca, besides a postgraduate diploma in Human Sciences from Mohammed I University of Oujda. He has taught English in various organizations for over 10 years: Locus English, Calliope, Berlitz and ALC Mohammedia. Ismail Raqi also teaches Arabic and is studying towards a PhD Mohammed V University of Rabat.


Mr. Abdelfettah EL FATINFrench Language Instructor

A French language teacher, he holds a PhD and has taught French for over 10 years at the French Institute in Marrakesh. He specializes in business and legal French.


Mme. Elaine OBENSHAINEnglish Language Instructor

An English Language Instructor, she holds a master's degree in biology with over 20 years of experience in the field of training for companies. She is currently the vice-president of the US-Morocco Alliance and a business manager.


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