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Undergraduate Program in Hospital Management and Logistic

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Undergraduate Program in Hospital Management and Logistic

Accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • School / Department: IST&I / CIAM Medical Applications Interface Center

  • Duration: 3 years / 6 semesters / 1,900 hours

  • Mode of Instruction: Full time

  • Language(s): Courses conducted in French and English

  • Diploma required upon admission: BAC (HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA)

  • Degree granted upon completion: BAC+3

  • Training Venue: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – Benguerir

  • Program Start Date: September 2020


As part of the continuity of its educational program, CIAM offers this professional undergraduate program in Hospital Management, Information Systems and Hospital Logistics . It is intended to promote the development of medico-social institution/ hospital management. It complements the spectrum of hospital management specialists training already offered by other Moroccan institutions.

After two common core years, the health sector offers two options, namely:

1-Hospital Management 
 By the end of the option courses, graduates will have a global vision of the multiple and complex issues of the management of a hospital or a medico-social institution. They will be able to develop a critical perspective of the functioning of this institution, to evaluate the relevance of the actions proposed in the context of hospital management projects. They will be able to analyze hospital problems by proposing approaches using relevant tools.

2-Information Systems and Hospital Logistics  
By the end of the option courses, graduates will have acquired skills both in the implementation of complex computer systems, and in logistics engineering in a hospital environment. The aim is to train logistician executives who are familiar with computer and communication technologies that can be used in logistics systems to manage the specific flows of patients, emergencies and operating room, materials (blood samples, blood products, pharmaceuticals, waste, etc.), car parks, and finally specialized material handling.

Target Skills 

By the end of the training, the graduates will be able to:

Hospital Managment :

  • Acquire modern management knowledge of a hospital, a clinic and a medical-social facility

  • Assimilate the different ways of managing the human, financial, material and technical resources of a health facility

  • Identify new challenges and stakes in the management of a health facility

Information Systems and Hospital Logistics:

  • Manage patient flow 

  • Manage parks and specific transportation 

  • Acquire knowledge of hospital logistics mission

  • Assimilate Pharmacy Mission and Pharmacy Law

  • Acquire knowledge of quality in a hospital environment

  • Learn Hospital logistics

  • Manage specialized parks

  • Master IT tools to adapt them to logistics systems

  • Design and implement information flow management of a logistics system with computer scientists and computer engineering service companies

In addition to these technical skills, students will also have acquired transversal competencies in "soft skills" (communication, teamwork and English) and "business skills" (innovation, entrepreneurship, project management, ...) allowing them to interact effectively in their future professional setting.

Director of Studies


Pr. Gabriel MALKA


Pr. Gabriel MALKA is the director of CIAM at UM6P and a professor emeritus of the University of Burgundy. He has held several positions in France, Yale and Cairo as an associate professor at Yale University and Cairo University. He has been the Director of 5 University Degrees and two master’s programs in health at the University of Burgundy. Pr. Malka has taught public health, surgery, anatomy, hospital management and medical ethics. He is also a former Research Director at the Laboratory of Medical Ethics at the Cochin Hospital of France.

Partner Institutions and Laboratories

  • Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, MOROCCO

  • Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences (UM6SS), Casablanca, MOROCCO

  • University of Troy, FRANCE

  • Bourgogne University, FRANCE

  • Harvard Medical School, Massachussets, USA

  • Kunming Medical University, CHINA

  • University of Granada, SPAIN