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Engineering cycle

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Engineering cycle


Authorization / Accreditation: CNESER of 28/06/2013

The Engineering Cycle is a multi-disciplinary program, lasting three years, and is characterized by strong technical, scientific and socio-economic content. It is based on diversified educational activities leading engineering students to: 

  • Understand and master a certain number of scientific fields using knowledge and theoretical tools. To carry out various projects in teams and to practice through the integrated industrial internships, during the personal work of their option executed on an ‘industrial facility’ and under the supervision of the teaching staff.
  • Evolve in a constantly changing economic world, widely open to international exchanges and operate in an ever-changing and multicultural environment.
  • Consider real-life complex problems.

Prendre en compte les problèmes réels complexes.

Architecture globale du Cycle Ingénieur