Master of Resilient, Sustainable & Smart Buildings & Cities

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Master  of Resilient, Sustainable & Smart Buildings & Cities

Accredited by The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research.


  •     School / Department: School of Architecture, Planning & Design
  •     Duration : 2 years
  •     Mode of Instruction:  Biweekly weekend courses
  •     Language(s): French & English.
  •     Degree required upon admission: Architecture or Engineering Degree 
  •     Degree granted upon completion: Master2
  •     Training Venue: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – Benguerir
  •     Program Start Date: September 2020


The RSSBC Master offers in-depth training on environmental and social resilience, sustainability of resources and technological smartness, at the building and city level, in terms of implementing integrated strategies and design and holistic planning based on the Principles of sustainability.

This master introduces innovative pedagogical and educational tools in order to forge a new generation of professionals who are equipped with  advanced conceptual and technical skills in this new international area of research and expertise. This specialized training is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the New Urban Agenda, and the UN-Habitat International Guidelines of Urban and Territorial Planning (IG-UTP). 


Upon graduation, the competencies acquired are:


  •     In-depth knowledge of sustainable resources and territories.
  •     Mastery methods of analysis and diagnosis of sustainable and smart building structures.
  •     Ability to use digital simulation tools and urban data analysis in existing and projected urban fabrics.    
  •     Mastery of smart solutions in architectural design and urban planning.
  •     Mastery of energy efficiency and exploration of smart materials / structures in structural design.

In addition to these technical skills, students will also have acquired transversal competences in "soft skills" in (communication, teamwork and English) and "business skills" (innovation, entrepreneurship, project management, ...) allowing them to interact effectively in their future work environments.


M.Hassan RADOINEProgram Manager

▪ He is currently Director of the School of Architecture, Planning & Design of the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic. He is a former Director of the National School of Architecture of Rabat (Morocco) and a former Head of Architecture Department of Sharjah University (United Arab Emirates). Pr. Radoine received his M.Sc. and PhD in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He also holds an M.Phil. in Architecture at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture in London.



  •     Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Switzerland
  •     Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA
  •     Austrian Institute of Technology. Austria
  •     Center for Sustainable Cities. USA
  •     UN Habitat. USA
  •     Arizona State University. USA
  •     Virginia Tech University. USA
  •     IRESEN. Morocco