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73 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UM6P reiterates its commitment to Equality

Every December 10th is a chance for the global community to contemplate the many advances attained by humanity in the spirit of promoting human rights. At Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), our dedication to shaping the minds of tomorrow puts the values of equality, dignity and prosperity front and center in our approach to producing and delivering knowledge. 

This year, UM6P celebrates International Human Rights Day under the central theme of Equality: Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights. Our university therefore maintains its alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Agenda of 2030: Leaving No One Behind: Equality and Non-discrimination at the Heart of Sustainable Development.

Enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to education has been a core cornerstone of UM6P’s founding mission. Our adherence to this inalienable human right is evident in the top-notch infrastructure UM6P continues to indiscriminately provide students, staff and researchers with throughout all of its campuses.
Our university has vowed from day one to foster a safe space free of any discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion or language. In the classroom, on campus, in extracurriculars or within the range of start-ups & community initiatives we lead, equality is strictly enforced in our codes of conduct and our practices. In this regard, the numbers speak for themselves. 53% of our student population is female, a testament to UM6P’s resolve towards women’s empowerment.

Honoring its commitment to equality, UM6P also continues to provide financial resources to embolden seekers of knowledge. No matter where they come from, our students can count on a range of scholarships awarded based on need or merit. We are proud that 91% of UM6P’s students have so far been able to benefit from such scholarships, thereby easing financial burdens on them or their families.

UM6P’s commitment to fundamental human rights extends to the dedicated workforce working tirelessly to serve our community. All staff are entitled to the full benefits awarded under Morocco’s social security laws. But our human resources approach goes a step further, guaranteeing 24/7 physical and mental health services to all members of the UM6P community.

As we celebrate a diverse, thriving and empowered UM6P environment on this Human Rights Day, we set our sights higher with an ambition to further advance those rights. The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda provides a multi-faceted approach to pursue that endeavor. Clean water is also a human right. Affordable, clean energy is also a human right. Sustainable cities are also a human right. As a core member of the Benguerir Green City, our research & innovation is still focused on engineering solutions for healthier, more equal & prosperous communities in Morocco, Africa and beyond.